Looking for Samples? I can write on virtually any subject – if I’m not sure, I know how to research the topic. That said, I am especially knowledgeable about education, the paleo diet and general weight loss, politics, and internet marketing.

Here are a few of my articles and blogs that have made their way into the rankings.

Each of these are no longer mine – but I’ve been granted permission to use them as portfolio work

Do Not Copy and Distribute/Post As Your Own

Four Productivity Hacks for Your Office

Five Reasons Hoboken Beats Brooklyn

You Need a Food Dehydrator and Here’s 10 Reasons Why

Choosing A College Major Getting You Stressed? Follow These Tips to Get Relief

These are simply a few of the blogs and articles I’ve written – none of them bear my name – they were turned over to the owner to do as they please with them (but, I know they are out there on the net making some reader very happy!)

If you would like information about rates or just want to get started – Contact Me Today!


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