SEO Content and Ghostwriting Services

Hi, I’m Casper – and I’m here to help you and your websites or your clients get amazingly written content at affordable prices and without hassles.


I’m a freelance SEO blog and Copywriter.

Not everyone was made to be a writer. Not everyone will be the “next” Stephen King. Some of you reading this simply want to sell your widgets or services. And you know what? That’s great. That’s what you do best.

But, Google likes content. And readers like content. So you might have the greatest widget or service around, but if you’re not talking about it, or getting links about it – guess who will find you?


That’s who (well, maybe your Grandmother, but she’s just being nice and she probably has no idea what she’s looking at anyway!)

Good Writing and Share-able Content is the backbone of the internet.

Sometimes it’s tedious. Sometimes it’s boring. Sometimes you’d rather chew your left arm off rather than write another piece about “blue widgets”

Yes, Sometimes it’s all those things – And yet, all the time It Is Still A NECESSITY

I can help.

I’ve been blogging on various topics for different people (including myself) for years. I understand how to come up with headlines and content that will satisfy a reader and make a Google-bot happy too (bet you didn’t know Google-bots get happy?)

You know what the best part of my service is?

It’s all yours.

You get to keep all the content for yourself – you can post it under your name, add it to article directories with your author box, even resell to others – hell, you can print them out and wall paper your room with it (but that won’t help your rankings – so I recommend not doing that).

I am a native English speaker and professional writer, if you need articles quickly, I can have them ready for you in a short amount of time.

If you need a ton of articles, I can offer bulk discounts.

I work for myself (well, myself and you of course) – I don’t work for an agency or a company, I’m a freelancer and I’m available for you.

I bet you would like to see my samples?

Or maybe you’ve heard enough and you just want to contact me to get started.

I’m looking forward to working with you!

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